The Final Sin


// This page describes my latest book, which is about:



How the Steam-punks (like me, a "baron pampa"-class consolidator*) saved the world with the help of Gaea, Kronos, Zeus et al.



* Steam needs the "consolidator", the rare such gamers undeniably ahead of contenders,


* See, if there are merely many good players of similar skill,

that region can fall to clam infestation and you see the pitiable type of pro (prostitute) gamer,

a nightmare for Steam... well... I'm the opposite or class: consolidator, my victorious sweep was...

singularly huge... that's why thala called me a "legend", maybe?

But you know, the true legends are (the friends of) Zeus, Kronos, Gaea, Lela, and the talking orange...

I'm just one of these people, we are the Steam-punks, and thus the Age of truth and logic has arrived, yay cool



In the consolidator's name/banner... unfolds, a rally of the field crew (Steampunks, who're anti-capitalist/anti-clam thus pro-thinker)...



(Well, that consolidation is over: this is how the world was saved from fool / cheater domination).



The whole story, which began many millenniums ago -- well, this book is about all that: