Open letter to my competitive gamer friends


Hi DeltaDude, and my other mysterious gaming friends,

* Deltadude and me (Stray Alien), are 2 of the 11 professional representatives of the MOWAS2 gaming community, but I haven't yet figured out how to best do this job...


I have something important to say to you all...

So I came to appreciate the meaning of “competitive gaming”...


Many if not all games are subject to this competitive phenomenon. It’s how, as Muhammad Ali said, boxing matches are cheaper than wars.


Historically, rival factions, to resolve their disagreement, would send their champions to fight -- instead of fighting a war.... That‘s where the phenomenon of competitive gaming ultimately derives from.



Its valid proposition is: preventing mob clashes -- leaders (players) "clash" instead.


Players are influential. Traditionally in offline sports, like chess, but the world of chess became irrelevant after IBM's Deep Blue claimed to have defeated Kasporov.



In the e-gaming world, competitive becomes even more democratic and complex, and involves ranks, artefacts etc.


The mystery of Steam artifacts, like CS:GO “Drops”, items which seem to signify something I don't know.


There are many artifacts, most of them of low worth; but some appear to signify mighty powers, are they like "runes".


Steam artifacts are traded; some know how to mine them for money, some may be selling them on some black market; some know how to mine their power? A few are able to mine the deepest powers of these artifacts?


The power of the artifacts seems linked to the “Gold”, “silver”, “platinum” ranking system (or a much more complex system used by servers like the Seamstresses Union’s server described later) spoken of by some as "generations".


About how these artifacts work, it'd be great if any of you can tell me...



Steam ranks might signify, I guess, the extent to which a player has supported the gaming community, but I'm not sure.


The world of competitive gaming is hard to think of, it is only discussed in some places like South Korea.


Competitive rules streamline human interaction and are meant for a good cause i.e. giving a direct channel for human intelligence.


Unfortunately, I have been far too ignorant of some of the mechanisms of competitive gaming in the past.

Don't blame me...

Being a free-ranging or "stray", unlike most others who are rooted in some faction, I knew nothing about competitive to begin with. I just played... I only learnt with time through my own mental process, unlike how, for most, they are told esoteric information by elders, have it handed down.



One of my biggest mistakes -- I think did a bad turn to you, Deltadude...



I remember how I, joining in with one more guy whose name was perhaps GIN... stupidly "defeated" you in a 2 v 1 "Plateau" (i.e. a ziggurat... Babylon) game in MOWAS2, a game which is a superior test of nonlinear intelligence.


Sorry for that...


(Luckily, along with one "Monolith" fellow, I ultimately mastered plateau (as later described)...

I swear that, to the extent that I can* -- I will not allow the mysterious power of Babylon to be misused against you, the former titleholder of Babylon...


* which is not much as of now, unfortunately, since I don't know how to translate my mutiple titles and artefacts into real-world diplomatic clout (an art best mastered by the Cuban diplomat and chess champion Capablanca, of whom it is said: "In September 1913, Capablanca accepted a job in the Cuban Foreign Office, which made him financially secure for life. Hooper and Whyld write that, "He had no specific duties, but was expected to act as a kind of ambassador-at-large, a well-known figure who would put Cuba on the map wherever he travelled.")



Sorry again, Deltadude...

I shouldn't have ever played 2 v 1...


You were playing on German and your Tiger 1 sadly was too late to save the day against my Calliope, which massacred your overly troubled (2 v 1) infantry guarding the plateau and its parapets (which looks like the Tower of Nimrod itself, so I call this scenario "Babylon").


This mistake helped me interpret even more the nature and meaning of competitive gaming... as did my studies (especially etymology) and increasing understanding of the world order.



But were my enlightenments too late...

Mistakes were made. But such mistakes were the only form of learning I ever had, I hope you can forgive me....

[1] What was the real-world meaning of the results of this match?


The unified 1-world power of the world, "represented" by DeltaDude, balkanized into two (seemingly one representing the Americas and the other, Afroeurasia)...


I am in a funny but unique position you see... I have no real-world clout, but seemingly massive "weight" in competitive ranking situations.


It was DeltaDude's bicycle that I clumsily helped knock over*

*... but hey Deltadude, it was only me! I'm your friendly bro...



See, Roman Polanski (whose beautiful girlfriend Shannon Tate was killed)... starred in Silik Sternfeld's Zaczarowany rower (Enchanted Bicycle or Magical Bicycle).



In 1955 Polanski directed Rower (Bicycle), a semi-autobiographical feature film which referred to his "real-life violent altercation with a notorious Kraków felon, Janusz Dziuba, who arranged to sell Polanski a bicycle, but instead beat him badly and stole his money.


In real life the offender was arrested while fleeing after fracturing Polanski's skull ("GreySkull" ---- the center of the world order), and executed for three murders, out of eight prior such assaults which he had committed".




So things are metaphors....


What is this "magic bicyle"?

The same thing -- one owner, two wheels... one represents Afro-Eurasia, the other the Americas.


The cold war, from a different angle, was the tussle between Polanski and Dziuba, the latter possibly loyal to the Afroeurasian elites and their USSR (which is why the USSR collapsed, ultimately).


So we basically disintegrated the cycle into 2 monocycles.

That may have been a bad thing since there was no longer a combined world power and increased instability, but it could be a good thing as the American power elites was being dominated by Americanists at least since the Nixon Shock era...



Another of my misadventures:


innocently and ignorantly giving the P250 Boreal Forest to Bree” – a big blow to the GIRLS elites?

There is, or used to be, one "GIRLS semi-competitive" CS:GO server, evidently linked to the Seamstresses’ Union depicted in Shadowrun 2... some of the best and my favorite players, like this guy called Shiva, used to play there.


I used to be this server’s beloved player...

getting lots of drops...

this has made my inventory rather sizeable... I get the feeling that I look like the old dragons that sat on top of a lot of treasure... and in my case the weights are extremely high.


Even (Level 40+ guys like) Shiva used to consider me, I was happy at the center of things...


However, suddenly, this happened:

a.       A cute redhead (seemingly) named Bree came to play in the GIRLS server; an atypical 2 v 2 Bots game, not a regular (12 v 12?) game.

b.      I played on her side against 2 bots; the server automatically kicked anyone who tried to join (Bree herself must have had a unique position in this highly specific context, for things to roll out thus).

c.       We won, and though she got way more frags than me (being more pro, I only lately re-became a pro in CS:GO) – it was me who received the drop from the GIRLS server – a P250 Boreal Forest.

d.      Bree was like, “OMG”

e.      Now I thought -- heck, maybe she needs it more than me.

f.        I checked out her Steam profile and sent her a friend request, soon she accepted... we talked a bit...

g.      After a few days, I’d innocently given her the P250 Boreal Forest without thinking much, since she was so desperate for it. She was so happy about that.


And then things seem to have picked up in her life, she left California for Nebraska, which looks like the geographical center of the US (and later I understood the home base of this American elite "FRED")...


And then, things changed...



Suddenly, after a few days, people stopped playing in the GIRLS semi-competitive server.


In fact all the servers of Asia, Singapore and the like, stopped during this strange period.


There were many of these 24 slot servers – the Kins, the E-competitive server etc., in all these places I usually got drops whenever I played --- all of these stopped..




There was one that didn’t stop – the GIRLS server.


Late 2015, the GIRLS server (admin: Console..... some kid of AI?) banned me.


So this server banned its former favorite player.


Causing me to think: why ban me?


That is when I realized – it could only be the P250 Boreal Forest that I’d given to Bree.


So I checked out her profile again, I immediately thought that she might belong to a faction not wholly pally with the Asian GIRLS faction...



Her name, which she didn't give without hesitation, was Quious Bree Oler (Oler of the blue heraldry). Now no harm should come to her out of me saying all this to you... as I'd told Bree once "I love you", and my word is my word.




I am not saying that Bree is evil or bad... but she may have mishandled the P250 Boreal Forest, the artifact which I won, then gave to her. Don't ask me why, i don't know how to use my artefacts.



What I did might not have been the right thing to do. There could be no other reason for my ban. And I always liked those GIRLS elites (Khal D. Iceman et al.), I didn't like the feeling.

Why would the server ban me, its favorite player?



The artifact she had so desperately demanded, which the GIRLS server in all its wisdom had decided to give to me instead of her, may have been misused, causing the servers to stop, and ultimately to ban me. I had done nothing else that could have caused this ban.


Edit: Later Karma caught up with her.... her profile from mid-2017 (now I guess I should have forewarned her about the raw power of MY artifacts):




Seems like she's in a spot of bother, I'll help her when I can.


Fortunately, all is lost from my side. I maintain my standing in CS:GO. But more importantly, in Men of War Assault Squad 2, the game i love the most (I used to love CS more mainly in college).



For example, I still top the Argentan leaderboard.


(but I might share this honour with one TichyDavid and the poor New Zealander Fluffy Sensation, I rage-quit against both of them in Argentan.



More recently, I (as Droog85) coupled with Monolithian as Japanese and defeated  two others on the American side in one of my best games:



This I believe is a significant victory for Hades, as the Monolith are abused by the militant syllogicians[1], in Stalker the Game.



To all comp. players,


Seeing how you are elites and all, maybe can you join me as I try and save the world?


I will do whatever I can to help Deltadude restore logical stability to Plateau, which means I guess the Mystery School of Babylon, does it -- looking at its levels?




Additional information about my gaming:


I am destined to love Orange? Recently I joined with Dirty Dutchman to defeat a Nis agent (Teranos) and an Illuminati agent (Iluminatus).