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Written by Anand Madhu Last Updated (15 August 2017)



I'm a researcher interested in the social sciences, mainly the first principles of theoretical neuropsychology, history, etymology etc., in which I have developed an interdisciplinary theoretical framework by self-studying from google search, online papers or books etc..

I have no affiliations* (not even to educational institutions), and no funding -- thus all my research is unbiased.


I am passionate about making a living in the most diplomatically permissible way possible, undertaking diplomacy through non-governmental channels: Advising the leaders of society (e.g.: governing bodies, top management) about my utopian scientific findings about how to help people achieve what Maslow called "self-actualization" by increasing society's mental fitness by "entropically" restructuring human habitats, overhauling the education system and other slave-producing rather than thinker-producing social systems, restructuring the economy (making it more Gesellian), reducing support for herdism (particularly nationalism) and increasing support for individualism; all this by not unguided and violent outbursts or demonstrations which one may call "absolute anarchy", but by logical system replacement processes, whose details can be easily articulated, as I show in this website.



By Myers-Brigg personality type, I am a diplomat-mediator. What type are you? Tell me in a comment below...


By Korean/Japanese blood group theory (slightly inaccurate description), I am a "hunter" (B blod group), but an atypically extreme specimen! What type are you? Leave in comments below!

My history: Well I'm 3/4th Orange, but also, remarkably, 1/4th lemon, or something...



Don't blame me if I want to cure the anti-nature peasants...


You know Orange (the house of Orange), but I am in part a lemon as well, and i'll tell you the story of the lemon:

Who is the lemon?

One of the seven chief "fruits" (saptarishis metaphorically called "fruits"), the emperor lemon historically oversaw governance in the largest group of people in the world, across south east Asia.

(A truth ignored by the generally Babylon/Egypt-centric peasant historians.)


But as the (quantitative aspects of the) Old Himalayan empire collapsed under the onslaught of peasants from all directions, the pro-lemon logical elites were scattered, and the lemon central lost contact with very many of them (their legacy became the Aryan legacy -- which was usurped by Hitler, who was secretly of peasant origin!).


Over time, the peasants kidnapped lemon's true friends (who were often of type: orange), and put in their place confused warriors named George and Boris etc.!


(Hey, Putin invaded Georgia right? So it may not be as much of a problem today, hehe.)


Thus most modern lemons are critically called "grandpa lemon" (classic example would be a misguided namboothiri Brahmin, nimbu = lemon in hindi)... his orders would get kidnapped on the way by peasants, ultimately he would mistake George and Boris for orange! With results that are evil...


This is metaphorized as the grandpa lemons dementia and sleep disorders heh, at times so bad as to even deserve a careful, surgical knife.


But clear headed lemons are possible, I'm a good example of that style of thinking. Crtiical to the progress of humanity out of the age of ignorance that has been propagandistically miscalled "Kali yuga".


Slightly clear-headed lemon empire was seen for example in the recent Chola era, that is the glorious (formerly, at least) legacy of Loki and Mr. Hand... or the Han Chinese and their scattered friends in India.


So that's a legacy of HAND, that the Congress (whose symbol is: ‚úč) can live up to.


Hey Congress, grandpa lemon, you suffer dementia heh heh.


Hey smoke some weed hehe, it is ironic that your Rajiv Gandhi banned weed hehe.


Hey Congress, you'll get some good stuff in Holland, you're invited at your own risk heh. Remember the only place the peasants are in power out there seem to be the red light districts of Amsterdam, where the girls are oppressed.


Hey girls, you'll be rescued someday.


This time I'm sure the Mango will tango, Hehehehh.


In the past, the peasants have tried but failed to trap me in the fate of a 'grandpa lemon'.


Well I've seen my share of pseudo-friends, heh.


Well, my namboothiri elite type of great grandpa was assassinated by peasants (as he was officiating in the controversial padmanabhaswami temple in the city in which I live... )


He died when my grandpa was 8.


So my friend in the army pointed out that the Gurkhas of Nepal answer partly to the namboothiris there, well they may be clear headed, but, as for me, I'd love to make sure. So I'll be going towards the Himalayas someday. It's a risky thing to ask maybe, but as an optimist i can't help it: find out if you can about the badrinath temple in Nepal, anyone who can, I hope that the lemon king is doing fine and is seeing well and has no dementia!



The peasants tried to violently disconnect me from society in general. I was always called a silent guy, i tried but found it hard to make friends, but it was more like potential friends were discouraged.


And I didn't go out of my way to make friends especially given the great number of peasant watcher elites giggling behind my back. Ironic that many of them will end up demented. I didn't need friends ultimately but loved the handful I had, and I love friends generally.


In my case, the peasants' conspiracy failed because they didn't quite manage to disconnect the lemon and the orange in time, coz my father is more like orange and mom more like lemon. But my dad never told me a thing about all this, neither did my mom.

They don't know either, I just about know because of my deep studies.


My mom was violently disconnected too, I think, I never asked her.


As for my dad, I suspect he changed after an "accident" in his youth, head injury, and even now he probably doesn't know the orange legacy. I don't talk to my folks, or to anyone... but that's been changing over the last few years.


So I'm already a manifestation of the orange-lemon alliance, heheh.


Oh, the peasants did try to "fix" me too.


By faking friendship, trying to get me habituated to tobacco, pandering deadly pills, and trying to corner me many times.


I luckily had a few friends, like, I knew an apple in college and didn't quite bite him hahaha.


So I survive, a clear headed lemon.


Not a grandpa lemon.

And yeah, Boris and George... Though they sent you to listen to grandpa lemon, remember very well that your Queen believes that you're here to listen to lemon, not to "grandpa lemon". So listen to me, as I talk to you!


Any peasants reading this? Hey, I'm an orange as well. So, what, as they say some peasant was like "orange is the new black" or something? Orange is orange, see! Don't get annoyed, the mediator is not annoying you on purpose. He is simply the announcer of the peasants' fate...


If there is any grandpa lemon around, he will obviously agree that 'all your base is belong to us' if I say such a thing. The clear-headed lemons can get diplomacy for all.


Stand by me!


Now I don't really like Albert Camus -- but -- I was, frankly, unripe until i read Camus' The rebel long ago.

Though it had its errors -- The Rebel was one of the few commercially available (peasant-propagated) books that at least tried to be logical... Reading it was great compared to what i'd read in the past (fiction, or weak nonfiction as in school textbooks).


The way he interrelated various objects by strings of logic was exciting to the soul... caused a broad type of thinking, caused me to wonder about the word "construct"...



This happy feeling was, as i later realized after years of my own research -- a product of deep nonlinear thinking, Norepi-style qualitative type of happiness, which is, in a sense, superior to dopamine's type of quantitative happiness...


To induce such thoughts was the nature of Camus' writing, which has inspired, in turn, my style of writing... (nevertheless, my philosophy did mature beyond that of Camus (Absurdism. which is a humanistic strain of nihilism), and now I hardly agree with all that Camus said).



In the graph below you can see my psychological analysis (the rdos engine, though admittedly merely statistical, is very accurate):



That is from the test i gave at; Ever since, the rdos test has become "politically correct" (Leif Ekblad of Sweden, poor guy...)


Nonlinear thinking, my primary talent, has another equally important (at least in my case) application apart from theorizing: competitive gaming!

For example, about a mysterious girl called Sarah "viloid" Olivia (claim to fame: hacking my other website
So by now I am not an evil dragon destroyer of all in my path, but a clear-headed lemon... about my online traces: stymied a bit by hackers from Indonesia but guarded by the (host) gator of USA. My word can potentially be law among George of Georgia and Boris of Nova Zembla...
As a relatively thoughtful, singularly high-ranking competitive titleholder (associated with "snake-eyes", an all-pervading (but I cannot see its effects any more than the other guy) '11-Gods intelligence', a usually latent but realizable hunters' faction (see my new cover picture) ultimately loyal to we the 11 powers (as I won over the players of most significance, in all sectors, especially Argentan in France. Of course I should mention this: I have been bested in MOWAS2 by some who unfairly beat me when I'd just started playing and quickly "retired" from MOWAS2 (preferring to then dominate the barren fields of War Thunder it appears) -- Israeli players pwaismann and Judska (currently titled "world's best MOWAS 2 player, though fact is, I can summon greater loyalties than even Judska, someone get us connected anyway, it'll be very good for both of us, and the world at large haha). A mischief that reminds me of the old Jewish chessplayer Rubinstein: "The tournament book editor said that if this game had been played 300 years earlier, Rubinstein would have been burned at the stake for dealing with evil spirits." *
Anyway... under my watch, nobody will be harmed.
See Annoying Orange, it's obvious that my word can be law among even ispolin elites such as George of Georgia and Boris of Novoya Zembla, but most important is the fact that i am trying to talk to Orange, usually, not anyone else... and that matters, you know!
As for Dirtydutchman, Orange's agent in MOWAS2, with whom I had a nice victory over TERANOS and ILLUMINATUS... in my role as kingmaker I made his MOWAS2 career, he is my best friend already, hehehe. And whoever you are, you're invited to help us rebuild a worldwide court of logic (us = me and Orange (I have many other friends too, and he has Marshmallow) .... with we as secretaries or speakers of objective logic (legitimized by our victorious positions in competitive sporting (like the Cuban José Raúl Capablanca of old))... and you the citizens... together we'll discuss and define our flexible personal policies (by a simple process to be enabled by a new website soon to be unveiled).
A few but fair number of people I know may have had reason to be afraid, given the strange things that seem to happen around those who dare approach me (which explains why i seem to have instinctively made it a point in my youth to hang around with nobody at all in particular hehehe! Thus if I never approached you or answered, it could be because i liked you and want to avoid disturbance encroaching on your life due to unintentional mechanisms beyond me. And also to be frank, I have no time to think social in general, that's how i am as a relatively extreme specimen of the B blood group "hunter" type... some call it "insensitive", but rather, i am "not sensitive to sociodata", not insensitive.
But some won't get that, and of course I understand their inadvertent misjudgment. In any case, what they have called Rajaijah -- the great eagle, the mighty eagle, is in the Sky...
Of late I've been beset by a formidable Pacific Rim entity called "Garuda Security Force" from Indonesia, which hacked my other, relatively new, sacrificial website hosted in an unsecured site in Chennai (1), a humanitarian website whose aspects I describe here (2).
Other toothless attempts to "attack" me online have also been recorded (3), but of course, i am scarcely worried. Why? You know the world's (what one may call) "11-Gods general intelligence" (MI5+OKW+GRU etc., you get the picture?) -- which emerged after the fall of the ancient 10-Kings (Ravanite) apparatus (which itself arose after the fall or Nazgulian eclipse of the even more ancient Ninebows (the ennead, or the 9-"Kings of Men" apparatus described in Tolkien). So this 11-Gods general intelligence is loyal to me given my competitive exploits (titleholder in Plateau (Etemenanki) and Argentan, France, thereby the world)... So anyone daring or stupid enough to try and headbutt me without provocation is taking a big risk and will quickly discover my invulnerability.

Image may contain: one or more people and sunglasses

A general comment about the above picture:
Girls should use a more direct approach in courtship, as I usually can't be bothered to pursue.
I have more to say to that driven hacker Z31Zuk3...
Take care li'l girlie, i don't directly control the day to day activities of the 11-Gods intelligence, what if they decide to teach her a lesson for trying to mess with me??! I wouldn't want that.... !
Z31Zuk3 looks like a lovable noob actually, google search Z31Zuk3 to find her pics, for example:
Cuter than most I admit, but not to digress the key pic is the one which (as expected) reveals she is a competitive gamer.
Actually I respect her bravery for pulling off this little hack on my website, at least she's standing up for what she feels (albeit wrongly) right. That's still a bit better than the typical dead brainers of today.
In return for friendship with her organisation in Indonesia... I won't mind sharing my drawing rights on the 11-Gods-intelligence with her...
Z31Zuk3 is cute and in any case as Sun Tzu advised, i want friends from Indonesia, sincerely.
Well, I must succeed in my quest for sociological singularity, lest someone neutralizes then possibly misuses me as a blind and bound dragon to bring war and pain to mankind...
Ideologically, I'm more complex than the other guy.
But i must clarify one important thing... though as such I'm pro-Brahma (the Five Headed King), as a Feanor-inspired mediator (and if needed "hunter") ideologist, I'm on the side of the (well-advised form of the) 4 Horsemen and their leader Narfi as well...
I find needless and avoidable, some of the "superhero"-wrought policy of mischief as in the above video.
Though i know none, at heart might often agree with the policy of the Narfi-type "boss baby" (but of course, such could be much better advised) ... (note, in competitive, i have more or less "bested" the challengers from both the previous and the next generations haha.
By the way, if anyone finds that any past victory of mine is being politically misused unjustly without my knowledge, please tell me, i'll help set it right; that's a general comment).
But then, though i am capable of empathizing with Narfi of Norway, I am on the side of Valli the wolf as well!
Being by blood type (B) a "hunter" after all, i find myself agreeing that the "mobile defense" ideology can seem actually better suited in certain circumstances, you agree?
Only a few are like me, having a de facto or otherwise valid claim on stewardship of the logical (consensus) process...
e.g.: Mithridates VI of Pontus, though Mithridates might not have had the edge of competitive titleholdership (i accidentally got it thanks to Steam's ground-work for e-sports players... (to be honest, I wasn't looking for it, just playing, and thats the only reason i got it hahaha)
Anyway my thoughts wander to tsar Dimitry I of Russia, was he similar to Mithridates VI or just the de facto Hunnic power in Russia?
As i was saying, my Valli and Narfi leanings (which seem to have other tangible social aspects as well) are complemented by how my radar can detect and help find the logical form of Loki, who alone can best help prevent needless bloodshed at Ragnarokk.
If this prevention is not actively pursued....
To a scholar like me, it even appears that a violent "Ragnarokk" might soon take place...
I think I can actually help, help save the lives of those "Gods", heroes, or men who are scheduled to die in Ragnarokk...
We can't pull off a rescue of these guys, by trying to thwart (via divide and rule tactics) Loki, Narfi, Vali (fenrir) and Hel, which is a wrong thing to do anyway. The only way is to make a peace contract with them...
Next thing i say to "the Mango", hope he sees this:
As you know Mr. Mango, it takes two to tango (but I'll just guide, you'll have to do most of the tangoing). So as Orange said: Won't you, won't you do the mango, won't you won't you do the mango!
Eh Mango, what do you think about helping me rescue the "Indoeuropean" Gods and heroes scheduled to be hunted in the impending Ragnarrok? Especially given that you are possibly one of them*?
OK Jatin Mongia, if you're reading this and I hope someday you do, it's time for me to find you and talk. Yeah I guess Nayan Mongia has retired, so the Mango better see this. Especially because I was the one who walked Spacemonkey to a victory over Partizan (RUS), as i pointed out here.
I have no "friends" or "enemies"...
I'm not automatically against Partizan and pro-Monkey, I am only true neutral (thus pro-objective logic).
In fact, I'll actively oppose it if Spacemonkey's bloc tries to misuse our victory to impose Mango's subjective logic over even someone like Partizan...
Objective logic (forced through competitive?) is better than subjective logic forced through competitive. Sure, I'll be cautious in the dark (but then also in the light!), but never dogmatically prejudiced against another...