About me

Written by Anand Madhu Last Updated (25 October 2016)


I have NO affiliations* (not even to educational institutions), and no funding -- therefore all of my research is unbiased.


I'm a researcher interested in the social sciences, mainly the first principles of theoretical neuropsychology, history, etymology etc., in which I have developed an interdisciplinary theoretical framework by self-studying from google search, online papers or books etc..


I was, frankly, unripe until i read Camus' The rebel long ago.

Though it had its errors -- The Rebel was one of the few commercially available books that at least tried to be logical... Reading it was great compared to what i'd read in the past (fiction, or weak nonfiction as in school textbooks).

The way he interrelated various objects by strings of logic was exciting to the soul... the way it caused a broad type of thinking, caused me to wonder about the word "construct"...


This happy feeling was, as i later realized after years of my own research -- a product of deep nonlinear thinking, Norepi-style qualitative type of happiness, which is, in a sense, superior to dopamine's type of quantitative happiness...


To induce such thoughts was the nature of Camus' writing, which has inspired, in turn, my style of writing... (nevertheless, my philosophy did mature beyond that of Camus (Absurdism. which is a humanistic strain of nihilism), and now I hardly agree with all that Camus said).


In the graph below you can see my psychological analysis (the rdos engine, though admittedly merely statistical, is very accurate):



That is from the test i gave at; Ever since, the rdos test has become "politically correct" (Leif Ekblad, poor guy)