Gnosis and the Gnostic Ophites


Gnosis, a feminine Greek noun, is said to mean "knowledge"... but it means a lot more.


From wikipedia:

"Gnosis generally refers to the word's meaning within the spheres of Christian, Islamic, or Jewish mysticism and Mystery religions, where it signifies a "spiritual knowledge" or religion of knowledge, in the sense of mystical enlightenment or "insight". Gnosis taught a deliverance of man from the constraints of earthly existence through insight".


The meaning of Gnosis can be put in better words...!


Primarily, Gnosis, or "to have attained Gnosis", is about true human adulthood

Gnosis is about what differentiates the adult from the child, or the animal (though even a child can be a Gnostic).


And what differentiates?


It is the ability to use the brain's Nonlinear Thinking area (which human children develop after all their other faculties (including their syllogical faculty) have been developed).


"Among the gnostics, gnosis was first and foremost a matter of self-knowledge, which was considered the path leading to the goal of hidden knowledge".


The human's realization of his own worth and power (not a destructive power, but a constructive one)...


The ancient mystery religions had all this, about Gnosis, which was a "rites of passage" into adulthood -- that is, children must pass such tests to be considered adults.


But with the elimination of paganism, and the depaganisation of Christianity and, more recently, Islam -- this key milestone of adulthood was forgotten, and replaced with, for example, an idea of the baby "attaining Gnosis" by being dipped in "holy water".


A ritual with little meaning...


The system attempted rid itself of Gnosis.


As Semyon says, "The policy seems very advantageous that people turn off their brains. It turns out cheap labor. Everything is done for the sake of it".


The "educational system", in its unscholarly greed for slaves, overtrains one's Yin, i.e., the analytical faculty -- in the process, the theoretical talent* goes neglected


* That is related to the NLT-area; see here about the NLT-area.

Gnosis can be a long process -- if the wrong neural system is used.



To directly use the appropriate neural system (NLT-area) -- even if it is weak, in the person -- that is the secret, the key insight which is at the core of Gnosis, and this must be imparted to all humans!



Fortunately, the blueprints of both Yin (RS) and Yang (GS) exist inside all.


The power of nature is packed within man, he just has to identify it and find the right means to train the GS.


In a world where little trains the GS, finding something which can do so, is difficult, though not impossible.


One can train his theoretical logical talent by engaging with objects of theoretical logic (my writing is an example)...


This website's writings may be found atypical by the "normal" (mainstream-liking) westerner... they are more similar to Russian or German or Japanese than mainstream western literature. And indeed Aspergian literature differs from the mainstreamer's "normal literature". If "normal" writings (or mental products) are like paint, Aspergian writings (or mental products) are like a pencil...


Thanks to the 2 different systems of cognition in humans -- the mental process -- of the "Aspergian", or more generally logical human -- being based in the NLT-area more than the LT-area -- is more logical than syllogical...


A complete education would train both analytical and theoretical logical talents, though modern "education" merely trains the analytical faculty of memorization and recall, and quantitative syllogical juxtaposition, sacrificing that critical aspect, which is qualitative logical juxtaposition.


* I.e. what is normal in the perception of western mainstreamers. 



Stimulation of the Non-linear thinking area, by exercise such as engaging in conversation about and contemplation of deep concepts -- results in great benefits:

  • increase in depth of thinking (lateral / creative thinking),
  • increase in depth of discernment
  • increase in sense of humor
  • increase in health

  The OFC


Stimulation of the Non-linear thinking area stimulates the Norepic core (OFC)... eh?

So much for the psychological basis of Gnosis. But there is another, physiological side as well: The physiological basis of Gnosis is: "keep your pain response organs satisfied". In revolt against the various hurts and harms indirectly inflicted upon the individual by society, the pain center[1] signals hurt, which is felt as a pain in the head or body. The problem comes when people start taking such pains for granted, start ignoring it, instead of combating its cause. This is an important aspect of neurosis. This is when internal awareness begins to stop; an important step in Gnosis, "know thyself", the physiological basis of Gnosis, begins to stop.

[1] "Neurologist Antonio Damasio has described the ROFC as having the most comprehensive and integrated map of the body state available to the brain and as a convergence zone which is privy to signals about virtually any activity taking place in our beings - mind or body – at anytime".


Physiological and psychological Gnosis causes increased quality of life and happiness (higher Norepic throughput), and increased general health. A strong OFC will prevent nearly all internal diseases (e.g.: depression, dementia*)...

* cancer can be added to the list, since it seems like a neurocontrol failure


Therefore, non-Gnostics must read Aspergian literature, even if initially it seems hard!


  • The Gnostic Ophites' "cult of the snake" had a simple ideology:  
  • As the snake slides through the world of imperfections, its skin becomes flawed;
  • Similarly, men pick up flaws, given the artificial world’s corruptions; one should not begin seeing such flaws as “inherent aspects” of one’s personality.
  • To proclaim a liking for one's imperfections, out of insecurity, is not good
  • Gnosis is like how the snake sheds its old skin (likened to character defects), Gnosis is to accept the presence of character imperfections, to identify and purge them; be reborn as a “new person” by constant reduction of imperfections, just how a snake is remade, more beautiful than it was, by shedding its skin.


  • That is why thinkers conscious of their own imperfections were likened to snakes (whereas fools took of it a literal interpretation e.g.: "Reptilian")

·         The policy of identifying and attacking imperfections is in contrast to unconscious animals, who can’t consciously evolve within their lifetime; or imperfectionists who are effectively similar.


Gnosis is what education used to be in the Golden Age -- the essential, qualitative aspect of education. The meaning of mental adulthood is attaining Gnosis!


There we run into a problem -- the depressed (hypo-GS) people say that they feel inferior compared to others. Thus the sophists illogically say: "The good, the bad, and the ugly", i.e., "The ugly cannot be called bad, since their activities are justified by how they are ugly (whereas nobody else is), which is an unjust punishment by the "so-called God", upon whom we'll avenge by engaging in evil"... These words, ugly, good, bad etc., are merely words... shouldn't let them distract from reality.


Ugliness will not last if Gnosis is adopted... As for the ugliness of today, let us talk, for example, of physical ugliness... what is called "ugliness" is not a problem as long as it is not the central aspect of personality, because even the most beautiful person has, similarly, certain non-central uglinesses. Everyone has some imperfection which they fight against. Over and above that, one can always have a beautiful heart (a fair brain) which is central... indeed the philosophy of Gerard De Lairesse comes to mind: "one must follow closely upon nature but overlook its imperfections". Man's imperfections are due to external factors past or present (search for "essence" in this website, and read about it too). The blame for these imperfections rightly belongs to outside of his self (or that of his predecessors)...


Thus nobody is at fault, and those who see themselves as ugly cannot be called ugly if they are not primarily ugly (i.e. if they have a fair, pro-logic mind which is primary).

Each is a patient of one or the other imperfection transmitted to him by an imperfect world, correcting which world becomes, then, the collective duty of Gnostics.


The Gnostic Ophites