"Religious" Zealotry vs. Capitalism, a comparative study


Both capitalism and "religious" extremism are popular with people who exist through depressed lives and ultimately die of Alzheimer’s disease.

The following is a comparative study on the contemporary dogma/"religion" of capitalism... where “hell” is promised for he who refuses.

  The daily fool's "religious" Zealotry  the daily fool's nuclear capitalism
Carrot  The idea of a heaven where “the pious lead a good life”  “good lifestyle, economic success”
Stick Hell where “the infidels are punished” poverty
Weekend rituals Sunday prayer Sunday movie, sleep, and brandy.
Ostrichism The fool, ignorant of all else, buries head in penance and psalm  fool burying head in career, refusing to look out of the box to see how it is pure villainy)
Faith drawn from the lives of pious heroes and saints Fool going to religious building, seeing paintings of homeless saints alleged to be in heaven, hearing about their miracles, placing faith to believe “I too am capable of achieving a carrot, if a pious dogmatist”  (fool pressing the TV remote, seeing videos of “great, thrifty intellectuals” (Bill Gates et al.) who got “wealthy” “by their own means,” placing faith to believe “I too am capable of ending up in rich material heaven”)
Spies The Machiavellian intelligence-gathering of the Confession Appraisal by the fascist employer, a day before getting fired
Mutually back-scratching Organization Deceitful Church-king nexus spreading the dogma of austerity  The Central bank-"govern-mental illness" nexus spreading the Adam Smithian dogma of nationalism
Persecution  “Witch!” “terrorist!” or "Socialist"
Divine incarceration the priests of old times, who excommunicated certain individuals and groups, trying to cut them off from the rest of civilization HR, who, being directly derived from the same old incarnates of prejudice, often work as a unified front, to blacklist individuals so that they can't get jobs anywhere