What is capitalism? (Full length study)


Developing upon Silvio Gesell's early 20th century thesis, is presented, a very important study of the basics about capitalism, which explains:

  1. What is the meaning of capitalism, what is the real and full meaning of capital
  2. Why the rich-poor divide increases in capitalism
  3. Why, in capitalism, GDP grows at n% per year (juggernauting)... how that (which is attributed to the presence of usury) destroys the ecology.
  4. Why wars* are the steady state end result of capitalism

* (or a Golden Age, blueprint for which is described here)

Now you need no longer depend on the partly false theses of Karl Marx et al. and their overly violent followers


(Erratim: At places I use the word "Stalinist" as a pejorative. Ah, that is an error; i actually meant to say "pseudo-Soviet" communism. Stalin was largely a fair man, as I later discovered. There was so much false criticism of Stalin, in nearly all western sources, that I was misled into believing that Stalin was the culprit -- the error is regretted.

Also, below, if I say USSR0 -- as per the standard nomenclature, it means Pseudo-USSR (capitalist-financed chaotic elements, which eventually prevailed over the logical USSR).