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Written by Anand Madhu Last Updated (25 August 2015)

An introduction?

If you must take away 1 deep insight from this site, what would it be? It would certainly be this




Apart from that, what's to be said has already been said (scroll down and see "The Droogie Manifesto")

So I'll be brief...





Continental philosophy.


To regain power, to regain control over your own life (what, you think you're really in control? Don't kid me!)



Aye, you're at the right place! Here I list my works of nonfiction, which are mostly freely downloadable; born of a uniquely* accurate, relatively thereotical worldview, fortified by the answers to mankind's chief mysteries, built over 7 years.

* Unique, for one needs much nonlinear thinking talent (Aspie talent) to make a decent worldview; and that happens to be my primary talent:

(This is no boasting, Aspies do usually “suffer” higher IQ*... more on Aspies; interested in that? I'd recommend my new neuroscience thesis)


There is only something like 70-80% (say) correlation between:
"IQ", and especially Mensa's view of "IQ"
"nonlinear thinking talent" (which is characteristic of Aspies, and which is marked in above brain-map, top right)

My NLT talent is very high, though my "IQ", as measured by that test, is merely high (say)...

And the depth and goodness of nonfiction (or one's worldview) is linked to NLT talent, not "IQ"... hence you should excuse the literature, and read on...