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PEACE is, when the Droogies join forces with the Punks...

Written by Anand Madhu Last Updated (27 April 2016)


There is Hope... the website I'm currently developing, is HOPE! For mankind! For civilization! It will enable people to make a difference...

What is it? 



You'll get a chance to spend time online Productively, tangibly!

Unlike spending time on Facebook, whereby we can't achieve anything... much... As this invention of mine takes to the field, the Norepinephrine levels will surge in users, thus depression will be stamped out! Dear readers, I'll be back! With the website link!


Once it's done!



After 7 years of unconventional research...


I found the answers to some of the most important mysteries of humankind...


In this website I list my works of nonfiction, in which I share my relatively thereotical, relatively accurate worldview...

Reviews of some of my works:

Novuso of USA: "The more I look at this the more it looks like a work of genius. Good job!"


Paul Acourt of England: "I fear that your work is so original and challenging, that you will also have the problem of being (mis-) understood - but then times have moved on - I hope there is a whole new generation of sharp readers out there for you!"

Jennifer Doyle of Yale University Press: "I read it with interest".

Prof. Jayashankar: "You always come out with so many new thoughts and perspectives which I usually share with other students and friends. They also find it so useful".


"I believe that you study important questions"
-Franz J. Neyer, Deputy Editor, British Journal of Psychology


"This to me is incredibly fascinating".
- Eddie Boumil of Massachusetts, USA


Ward Hupperets of the Netherlands: "thanks for the insight you gave me about left and right brain functions. I admire your drive in clarifying it all out in your thesis work. I really like the metaphors you use to explain your understanding of your specialized research field, it makes your insights understandable for me."


My latest work:

My other works...