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Feanor, the Father of Sociological Singularity (aka Golden Age)

Written by Anand Madhu Last Updated (23 April 2017)

Finwe/Feanor's Golden Age:


The prescribed ideology is Golden Age Revivalism, does it fit your style of thinking? 7000+ years before our times, there was already an ILMP for all...


Shortly after 5600 BC, Earth
A policy statement called Feanor's Oath was one of the first attempts at a globally-legislated, truly (objectively) logical constitution.
(differentiated from earlier logical empires like Atlantis which served only the citizens of the limited and private empire).
Feanor's Oath (and its successor the Union of Maedhros) was a hugely successful statement of policy, stewarding over a few millenniums of global peace,..
It reigned over the historic peak of global stability.


The era called



A period that was remarkable in itself.

(I have written much about it though, given how long ago it was, some details are still elusive).


It is another matter that, that early attempt at a Golden Age was shortlived* because its stance against the trigonal syllogicians was a bit too extreme.


* thus it was not 100% golden as in the years of the nearly perfectly noble kings of Early Atlantis



The Three Suns:


You might have heard of the Third Eye of Shiva, pictured below.


Now this third eye is "typically shut", and the sophists say it is "very dangerous" if it were to open.

We are told: "The third eye is a mystical and esoteric concept referring to a speculative invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight".

That's not the correct interpretation.

Here you will learn the real meaning of this concept, which is not a literal 3rd eye or bodily organ at all, but only a metaphor representing the far more subtle concept of the Third Sun...



Though I'm a TRUE NEUTRAL* and definitely not an anti-Set fundamentalist,

I leave you to read the myth of Osiris, Isis, and Horus from ancient Egypt as background reading.


* "Neutral alignment, also referred to as True Neutral or Neutral Neutral,

is called the "Undecided" or "Nature's" alignment" (some crude views on this matter).



at least for the last few millenniums,

the quest for Sociological Singularity has largely meant a process of

the Black Sun (Isis, I mean the Egyptian goddess) and Sun (Horus) trying to raise the THIRD SUN (Osiris)....





Hear one, hear all!

The sphinx is no longer "sphinx-like"!


Dear Sphinx,

I hope you hear first about this:

I have solved your splendid riddle...


Image result for sphinx riddle


I'd read about Oedipus' answer, "Man" -- an absurd attempt!



This is my answer (which I am proud to say that I have solved completely by myself):


the Heroic Sun (I mean, SOL INVICTUS etc.)


(watch my films if you don't get what I'm talking about...)


How so... ??!?


In his aspect "in the morning" as the Rising Sun leading the 4 horsemen!

At noon, as the Sun of the Sky most famous for the 2 eyes of Ra!

And at dusk, as the Setting Sun controlled by the 3 Archons of the Dark...


Don't get it? Watch my films (scroll down), you'll get it maybe. And I can always explain in person, call me.


My clue was something I read years ago, somewhere, some Roman king or emperor's conception of 3 suns, something esoterically told to him clearly.


O noble Sphinx, make me your best friend, for I have solved your riddle... I aim to help you bring back the third and (by far) most important Sun.



The art of interpreting mythology (brief case study):



As Royksopp wrote,

while Brave men tell the truth,

the "wise" man's tools are analogies and puzzles....

As for the fool, he "interprets" everything literally, and dismisses everything.



And I do hope destiny is on your side:


If you don’t know how the world really works (which can only empirically be learnt), but want to, then this website is for you.


Only a few know deeply* enough the KEY SOCIAL REALITIES.


They are by definition the pilots of the ship of humanity


As it progresses towards its DESTINY, an objectively logical Utopia for all...


Misunderstood and opposed at times before maybe, now no longer will they be misunderstood, but be known as who they are, friends of ALL.


One of them is clearly me, you can be one too!

Calls for some effort on your part if follow me will you...


The reward? ...

Seeing the all (in society), as did early Feanor, mastering one's destiny by helping mankind towards its own...

a stable earthly civilization in equilibrium, following whose erection, we can start thinking, if required, of technological singularity...