Punk: Philosophy & Practice

The Free Punk Manifesto

Written by Anand Madhu Last Updated (19 October 2014)

Punk Music Beautiful Words


Well, the above picture's author got it wrong too, but it's ok; the world's best things are never easily explained. For true punk (the "Sid Vicious" brand of punk) is not so much about music at all; it's about how the people, particularly the bright-minded youth, push an international sub-culture which aims to forward a philosophy of equality and justice... This they do by comic music (to draw the crowds) as well as action and thinking (to educate the crowds); this website expedites the thinking part.


In particular, we want something, a fundamental change in civilization... we want to make civilization functional for all human beings (or indeed animals), whatever their brain type (which determines their political leaning).

Generally, this website contains stuff like:

  1. the science of how syllogic-centric and logic-centric brains work, simplified for the layman.
  2. The science of an ideal, logical meta-architectural structure for society
  3. Empirical study of human society: interesting, previously unseen, theoretical takes on history


In this page, we follow this sequence:

  1. First, we poke fun at our hardheaded, McCarthyistic, interventionist friends uhh "foes", namely, the "jerks" (with an aim to convert the few jerk readers who might come here, into punks)
  2. Second, we dive into an overview of what the punks' plan for "world undomination"* may look like


* I.e., domination of the world by objective logic**, rather than by me or you or any specific people (s) or group (s).

** This ought to replace the often-violent "compromise between subjective opinions" which presently is the norm in society