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The Secrets of the Ages

Written by Anand Madhu Last Updated (20 February 2017)

Time for Gnosis, time to invite the Strangers (Mr. Book, Hand etc.) to the reform process!

It is no novel statement to make, it is obvious, that it's the time to revolt... against usury culture, hemp-banning, wedlock, and the various other stupidities of society. Our task is made easier by a new film, which tells us the IDENTITY of the "right" wing opposed to reform, that indeed "profits from" what we're trying to reform. thus "naturally" opposes the process of reform.

Our task is made simple, just direct our message to them, TALK to them --
about implementing what is objectively logical (hope you're philosopher enough to understand that term "objective logic, what is true and/or ideal")! Maybe we should send this email to TRUMP and the MODIfier in India, who may help?!!

It's a film about the hidden capstone of the world order, whose origins can be retraced to the "cradle of civilization", ancient Iraq... Watch.... you must know too!!

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So... done with my latest creation, a documentary meta-analysis titled The Secrets of the Ages, Part 1 - Murdoch vs. the Strangers...

Image result for the strangers dark city

Image result for the strangers dark city


It's about the hidden capstone of the world order.

Since I made this film, I can decide whether to upload and share it as a torrent or not! So here's the torrent, feel free to download, share, seed, etc.:

DOWNLOAD FILE (via torrent)


You can watch the movie here (but please try and use the torrent for downloading the film, given bandwidth economy reasons):


Part A:


Part B:



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