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Written by Anand Madhu Last Updated (21 March 2017)

The great Soviet Union, leeberates the world

Especially the stupid lumpen enemies of the great revolution

They think they vote for choices in western "democracy"

If their mainstream is so brainwashed, why can't we also be?


Our great Soviet Union would have leeberated the world

Unfortunately the capitalists lulled us with vodka

Left alone Pussy Riot's great cuntry would have shown

an Internationalist utopia to the world


Our great Soviet Union, leeberates the world

An eye for an eye has given blindness to their ministers

As Silvio Gesell showed with his experiment of Worgl,

Fixed the mess, yet they're blind, to usury's evil ?!!


Our Soviet Union is great since it leeberates the world

And I have heard but I can't confirm that the bear's on the hunt

There will be no more talk from you about want of things,

The regime shall manufacture what you want on a one-size-fits-all basis!



The Great Soviet Union, must leeberate the world

For we are the bear that hath a sort of friendship with ye' old minions

But as Lavrenty Beria showed by his Stalinists' purge,

We'd even avenge Red Scarlett and Co. if bothered by those ruffians!


Our great Soviet Union, leeberates the world

Our Dogmas are as deep as Wall Street's love for usury!

It is not that dark is not, where the Black Sun is

Will someone please solve once and for all the mystery of Rasputin?




Special proclamation from the ministry of truth:

For the last week or so, engulfed by Chinese players...
It was only about 2 years ago that I guessed the meaning of the "hidden path" text in the CS GO load screen....
Competitive gaming, counter strike and men of war assault squad, intriguing workings. Of late, I've been opportunistically taking on the Han triads (mr. Hand) far too readily.. and winning. Which was not always as good as, for instance, my movie might make it seem.. For could I be acting as Book's patsy, unwarily? Not all Chinese are bad! I guess my online persecution of Mr. Hand (or, of old, Mr. Book) had gone too far. The price you pay for being one who's cracked the P-I-E language and structure of the world order, then systematically take on the online representatives of the power elites, killbill, shoxiejesus, and sorosh , the great sh-power (Sheba) who in this recent game summoned, into his side a greater power, the rishi (Ra of the sh). 7 to 0, one more round needed for my victory, when the rishi pulls off what must be what they call the "Brahmastra", if you may... so flashed then, on my screen, an of late familiar message: no steam logon. End of game... I have to disconnect... :( Of late, however, things have become, ahem, darker... at least as far as it concerns the future of my competitive gaming, which doesn't have much scope going for it in this world. Beset these days by massive ping attacks (which my gameplay had adapted to, for example shotgun works well on high ping).. yet the weight of my victories went too far and now over the​ the top. So why this censorship (bombing my Steam account, and net connection? I guess it is for a less sinister reason than I might suppose... mr. Book and mr. Hand and the other strangers, and, well, even the machines and the lot... are enticing me into retirement (from competitive gaming), calling me to step into the world that we seem (at least from one, esoteric or rather, only nonlinearly apparent angle) to have, through our victories, so effortlessly conquered. And to have befriended*, of all​ people, the STRANGERS. Though, with what is i admit, a clumsy meta-Taurean bullheadedness that may even be called a paltry (or maybe nobler) version of the the so-called "buffoonery" of Kek's new president of USA (no particular offense meant), a pigheadedness that may even make Mr hand, book and co.. inappropriately .uncomfortable... maybe even make them see me as rude. But rudeness was never meant, and there is no cause for discomfort. Now I must find friends... Judska of Israel, Tomisies of Finland, Zollner the young German mercenary from Israel who played Men of War, or for that matter that Turk whose game i couldn't connect to, or, of course, why not, the forsaken chicks who crossed​ my paths in my busier days of old... or someone else maybe, for, after a recent spate of victories against many punchers for big, factions, in particular the agents of​ the darkness, the Hand cartels​, the bookists, and other "baddies" originating directly or indirectly from the mystery school traditions or its more recent offshoots... though i may have been harsh on you, If you have it good, Hand, remember, I am the one who can help you work with Mr. Quick... UPDATE: Editing now, 3 days after i wrote the rest of it above -- an ancient Steam Curse has been resurrected to strike, specifically, me! that's it, the competitive game matchmaking system coughs and disconnects me in nearly every game! Combined with a generalized high ping of 500 - 600 ms. I just can't play. I hope it is not forever since I had outdone every other faction's representatives in competitive gaming... Clearly somebody unfortunately and regrettably ticked off by me may be targeting me, and I don't know what to do. I'm always only expressing my love, none of my actions that I had meant in no degree to cause any harm or injury to anybody, least of all to Mr. Hand (the devil) himself, the elite whose deepest secret only I know, and whom I hold in a generally very high respect. While Mr. Quick, of course, is past compare. And what about Mr. Book, the omniscient master of books, ancient devourer of linear texts, whose wisdom is supreme among men and who, undisturbed by the disturbed shrink, shall be equipped to pronounce the final judgment once all the component truths are revealed to his highness.




This happens to the fewest of the few, in the context of what's written above, and this article that I wrote a while back might help you understand all this better.. So I guess I gotta talk to Steam if i ever want to play Counter Strike or MOWAS 2 again... :( Maybe another phase of life is about to begin...